Woman “Felt It Was Time” To Become A Stay-At-Home Aunt

Portage woman ready to become aunty Portage woman feels she is ready to become an aunt

Portage la Prairie, MB –

Sylvia Peters’ biological clock is ticking and she is getting her sister to do something about it.

The 33 year-old single woman announced at a recent family get together she was now ready take on the roll of auntie.

“I’ve wavered back and forth for quite a while but I think now is a good time to do it,” Peters said.  “I’m in a good head space and my new job is what I was hoping for.  I’m ready to be an aunt.”

The pressure is now on Peters’ sister Amelda and her sister-in-law Trixie to have children.

“They’ve both been married for quite a while now.  I’d like to be buying my niece a Christmas gift by next year,” Peters shared.  “I’d settle for a nephew too but I’m not planning on doing ‘boy’ things.  I’d like a niece I can take shopping and share a latte with.”

Peters’ family is excited she is eager to take this big step in her life.

“Sylvie, is our favourite,” Sylvia’s mother Carol Peters said.  “She’s the oldest and we were all just waiting for her to decide when she was ready.  I’d love some grandkids around.”

Amelda Perkins and Trixie Peters went off all forms of birth control as of Sylvia’s announcement and hope to comply with the order to replicate soon.

“I’m so happy I get to be a part of it,” Perkins said.  “I’m excited for her.  For the longest time we thought she never wanted to be an auntie.”

“She is making a big commitment,” Trixie offered.  “I hope people respect her choice and all the work she is putting into this.  Not everyone wants to be an aunt anymore.  I hope to be an aunt someday as well.”

Once the first niece or nephew arrives Peters plans on becoming a stay-at-home aunt for at least the first year.

“I’ll take the first year off and see how it goes,” Peters said.  “Maybe I’ll go back part-time after that and full-time when the kids go into school.”

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Photo: Rochelle Hartman