Arrival Of Strange Letters Cause Portagers To Suddenly Disappear

Portagers disappear after being mentioned in letters Strange letters appear causing the disappearance of Portagers mentioned in letters

Portage la Prairie, MB –

A series of odd unsolicited letters are showing up in mailboxes across Portage la Prairie and producing some disturbing side effects.

The letters arrive unannounced with little fanfare with messages that are indiscernible to most readers.  A unique style of prose rooted in a vague grievance with a hint of fading injustice are the trademark of each mailing but the meaning is unclear.

“I noticed them popping up once in a while a few years back,” Portager Randall Wellington offered.  “I’d read the first couple lines, get totally confused and toss them.  I didn’t care about them until my neighbor Fred told me his theory.  Then I got spooked.”

Fred Franklin’s theory is that the people mentioned in the letters would suddenly leave town with little or no explanation.  Frank does not know why or how the letters relate to the abrupt departure of people from Portage but he is convinced the two are connected.

“I thought it was kind of strange the first time,” Franklin explained.  “After it happened a few more times I got weirded out.  I’ve noted 14 people mentioned in these letters over several years and 12 of them have left town in a hurry.”

Because no one in Portage has been able to decipher the messages, hidden or otherwise, in the letters authorities are clueless as to the origins of the cryptic messages.

“We don’t think the letters are threatening,” civic official Kelly Purvess stated.  “They are completely incoherent possibly authored by someone suffering mental illness, but do mention specific people from time to time.  As to why many of the people mentioned have moved away, I won’t speculate or comment other than to say we are tracking the situation and the author is a person of interest.”

Local media outlets report they too have received similar letters but have been too scared and confused to publish them or report on them.  CIPP-TV is the first to cover this story and its owner Ryan Coke is fearful.

“I’m more than a little concerned,” Coke said.  “I’m not sure of the motives or stability of the person sending the letters.  I don’t want to be the next victim.  The notes seem to single out prominent people like me who have advanced their careers through the use of privilege and BS.”

Authorities point out that despite most Portagers inability to understand the contents of the letters they do not feel they are threatening or cause for concern.

“It would seem whoever is writing them is trying to convey something out of a deep conviction,” Purvess said.  “The fact people mentioned disappear is a little troubling but we don’t see any direct connection.  Like all dissenting voices, we will monitor the communication, attempt to identify and silence the source.  They public has nothing to fear.”

CIPP-TV hopes that by reporting on this story, at the risk of being monitored by civic authorities, the author of the letters will not target them or their owner, Ryan Coke.

Notice to readers/disclaimer – click here to read more about the fictional, satirical and occasionally humorous nature of this website and story.  That means it is not real.

Photo: Debra Sweet