Muskrat Farm and “Muskratville” Theme Park Planned for Crescent Lake

Crescent Lake will become muskrat farm complete with Muskratville theme park Muskratville will be part of Portage muskrat farm that hopes to supply RCMP with pelts for muskrat hats

Portage la Prairie, MB –

A planned muskrat farm for Portage la Prairie’s Crescent Lake hopes to convince the RCMP to go with Manitoba muskrat for its hats.

The Mounties are looking for 4,500 new winter hats and needs about 12,000 muskrats to make them and it is exactly the type of order Portage Muskrat Farms Inc. needs to secure financing.

“We are working hard to meet all the requirements for the order,” President Ian Longbottom said.  “The RCMP indicated they want eastern Canadian muskrat but we hope to prove Portage muskrat fur is better.  It’s much colder here and our muskrats produce better fur for cold weather so we think we have a chance.”

The new Portage industry hopes to get Crescent Lake ready for high volume muskrat production over the winter and get into full swing next summer.

“We will get all the infrastructure in place during freeze up so we catch the breeding season in the spring,” Longbottom said.  “We think we can raise over ten thousand muskrats a year.”

The operation will use the natural habitat of Crescent Lake with enhanced amenities for the river rats so increased reproduction could occur.  Lake users would not be impacted, as no enclosures would be required for the plan.

“The lake would look the same as muskrats will stay in the area with proper feeding,” Longbottom said.  “You’ll definitely notice a lot more muskrats swimming around but that is where the theme park will increase tourism in the summer.”

Open May to October and billed as the world’s largest muskrat city, Muskratville will occupy just over 1.5 hectares of Crescent Lake and be styled after Saskatchewan’s highly successful Gopherville tourist attraction.

“We will have a full aqua-city built for our muskrats where people can pay ten dollars to watch them frolic and enjoy life on Crescent Lake,” Longbottom offered.  “There will be tons of photo opportunities and an underwater viewing area where you can watch the muskrats swimming and playing.”  Longbottom says the muskrat city will be modeled after Portage la Prairie and allow muskrats to enjoy a scaled version of our city.

The cute furry rodents promise to be a tourist boon to the City of Portage la Prairie similar to the draw Canadian Geese have on visitors from around the world (click here to read about goose tourism in Portage).

“Next to the beaver I don’t think you could get a more marketable rodent,” Longbottom said.  “Muskrats are cute, cuddly, hard-working and ever-breeding which makes this a perfect fit for Portage.”

Portage Muskrat Farms will collect several thousand muskrats from nearby wetlands and introduce them to Crescent Lake in the spring.  Underwater muskrat housing will be built this winter and plans are to feed the muskrats and their young up to three times a day.

The farm predicts up to 100,000 people will tour Muskratville annually with a $10 million contribution to the local economy.

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Photo: USFWS Mountain – Prairie