Student Says He Won’t Disappoint Teachers & Parents Again This Year

Portage la Prairie, MB –

Hope springs eternal every fall at Portage Middle School for grade 8 student Jacob Narvey.  For the fourth year in a row, Narvey is vowing to improve his effort, attitude and grades from last year’s dismal results.

“Jacob is a wonderful, bright boy,” Jacob’s mother Cathy Narvey said.  “He means well and is looking forward to a fresh start for his last year of middle school.”

Narvey has struggled living up to his potential throughout his elementary and middle school career and places most of the blame at the feet of educators.  A consistent theme on most of his report cards indicate he is not living up to his potential.

“I promise I’ll try really hard this year and get good marks,” Jacob Narvey explained.  “I just don’t think my teachers get me.  If they believed I was as smart as my parents say I am then my marks would show that.”

Both Cathy Narvey and husband Dale agree with Jacob’s assessment.

“We have meetings before school starts every year,” Dale Narvey said.  “We tell the teachers how we expect more from Jacob than we are seeing from his report card.  It seems to work for a month or so and then his marks start dropping and we get calls at home about his behaviour.”

“This year will be different,” Cathy Narvey added.  “Jacob is promising to do his best.”

Anonymous sources at Portage Middle School say they welcome Jacob’s intention to do better but are doubtful it will make much of a difference.

“Jacob’s parents should realize his initial efforts will soon fade and he will return to being disinterested and disruptive,” an unreliable, unidentified source said.  “He’s likely a career C student unless his parents provide some structure at home and even then he’ll top out at B.”

The Narvey’s have a different assessment of the problems.

“There always seems to be so much energy and excitement at the beginning of school each year,” Cathy Narvey said.  “They need to keep that going to keep his attention.”

“They are the educational professionals,” Dale Narvey said.  “They need to make sure he gets his school work done, it shouldn’t be left to us to police.”

“We had a meeting with the principal last year to come up with a plan to make sure Jacob gets to school on time but that didn’t work.  We asked them to make sure he got up early enough and arrived on time but they didn’t follow through and it was left to us.”

Despite the tension between Jacob’s parents and teachers, he is maintaining a positive outlook for the start of school.

“I think if I just stay positive and hope for the best my marks will be great,” Jacob said.  “I’m really looking forward to high school next year.  I hear you can just show up once in a while and still graduate.  I want to make my parents proud.”

School starts tomorrow for Jacob and hundreds of other Portage students.

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