Children With Rare “Vampire” Gene Severely Injured By Eclipse  

Higginsville, MO – 

Today’s total solar eclipse resulted in tragedy for a Higginsville Missouri family of five when three sisters tried to peek at the solar eclipse.

Anastasia, Lavinia and Selina Nicolai heard about the pending eclipse on social media and decided it was a great opportunity to venture outside during the day.  All three sisters share the extremely rare “vampire” gene that prevents them from going out in the sun.

The sisters had the time off by only a few minutes and about ten per cent of the sun was still visible when the girls ran outside.

In a matter of seconds of the sun hitting their skin and eyes, the girls suffered catastrophic injuries.

“Their skin blistered right away and started to smoke before I could throw my cloak over them, “ Desdemona Nicolai said.  “They were blinded instantly.  Severn(the girls’ father) and I were badly burned trying to get the girls out of the sun.”

The Nicolais would like others with the “vampire” gene to be reminded about the dangers of the sun even during an eclipse.

“We told the girls to make sure the sun was completely blocked before they went out,” Nicolai said.  “They’ll recover but they are in a lot of pain right now.”

“I don’t know why they were in such a rush to see the eclipse,” Severn Nicolai said.  “I reminded them they’ll have like forever to view more solar eclipses.”

The Nicolai family moved to Higginsville Missouri about five years ago from Moldova and have been overwhelmed with support from friends and neighbours.

“They are a wonderful family,” Alexa Dawkins said.  “You won’t see them out during the day much but they really go all out at Halloween.”

Donations are being accepted at all local banks in Higginsville and a Gofundme page is also being set up.

All three children required blood transfusions despite not losing any during the incident and are scheduled for eye transplant surgery.  The apparent third degree burns healed almost immediately after the girls were brought inside.  Dates for the transplant surgery have been moved up, as the girls were a perfect match for old cadaver eyes.

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Photo: Elizabeth Albert –