Crappy Boss Overcomes Low Staff Morale & High Turnover Rates To Write Leadership Book

Portage la Prairie, MB – 

The business world is buzzing over the release of a new leadership book from a very unlikely source.

Prairie Sunset Industries has been plagued by terrible management, inferior products, poor financial performance, low staff morale and ridiculous turnover rates but its latest endeavour is proving to be a hit.

CEO Calvin Butchko’s new business leadership book holds nothing back and is receiving strong reviews by readers and critics.

The idea their crappy boss has written a book on how to run a company is causing many employees at PSI to chuckle.

“He told us a few months ago he was taking some time off to write a book,” PSI General Manger Karl Gunnerson said.  “We thought that was hilarious.  When we found out what is was about we just about peed our pants.”

“Butchko is the worst boss in the world,” PSI employee Margorie Harder-Sawatzky said.  “He is a total narcissist, if not a full blown psychopath.”

The new book “The Way I Lead” was co-written by CIPP-TV News Director Pat Hiscock, who Butchko approached to help get the project going.

“I called Pat and said I needed help to write this book and I’d pay her a lot of money,” Butchko said.  “I’m not much of a writer and I don’t read much, but I’ve got all these great ideas on business and leadership I needed to share.”

“He wanted to share all his wisdom and insights with the world but it was pretty obvious once he started talking he was a complete moron,” Hiscock shared.

“I felt like most of his staff, and wanted to quit every time he opened his mouth, but after a while it became funny.  So that’s the angle I took.”

While Butchko believes he has a best seller because people are amazed at his business acumen the reality is most find the book ridiculous.

It has quickly become the anti-leader manifesto with chapters on how to keep your company going with a revolving door of disgruntled staff, how to avoid and ignore criticism, how to shirk responsibility and blame others, how to deflect, how to maintain low and ever-changing standards, how to reward suck-ups, and how to embrace delusion.

“After listening to him, and watching how he stumbles and bumbles through his day, I thought there would be a lot of people out there who could see the humour,” Hiscock said.  “There is a sad irony to how he manages to keep enough income coming in to support his CEO lifestyle.  A lot of it is financed, but he somehow bounces from loan to loan and keeps skating through life without doing much work.

Butchko is known for showing up late and leaving early when he is not off on an extended business trip for vague reasons.  All the staff we interviewed despise and dislike the man.

“I put all of that in the book,” Hiscock said.  “He’s a psychopathic moron who has squandered every chance he’s come across.  Sure, he’s deluded himself into thinking people love him and that he is a baron of industry, but he is, at his core, an idiot.”

Butchko shed some light on why he doesn’t seem bothered by the book’s contents.  “Why would I read my own book?  I already know what’s in it.  It’s all about me and how I lead.  Its great and a bestseller,” Butchko said.

Now that Butchko is a best-selling author he is planning a move into politics.

“My staff have told me for years I’m like a politician. Now that I’ve mastered business I’ll move over to politics and help them for a while.  They could really benefit from my style of leadership.  I think I’d fit right in.”

The employees at PSI welcome the possibility of Butchko entering the political realm and getting out of running their company.

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