Trump Doesn’t Think About Canada But Likes Portage la Prairie Because “They’re Republicans” – “Could Be Our 51st State”

Washington, D.C. – 

Political pundits and journalists quickly condemned President Donald Trump for his comments about Canada in relation to NAFTA this week.

A transcript revealed President Trump was not concerned about his trade relationship with Canada and went as far as to say, “So we do not even have to worry about Canada, we do not even think about them.”  The final remark ruffled the feathers and hurt the ego of many Canadians.

Yesterday, CIPP-TV accessed unreliable sources making unsubstantiated claims that Donald Trump has admitted he thinks about Canada more than he originally claimed.  Leaked information from fictional White House staff indicate The President is particularly fascinated with one part of Canada, Portage la Prairie.

“I like it.  I love it,” Trump possibly said about the small but impressive City of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.  “It’s the only place up there that tried to be American,” Trump said.  “They were a republic, like the U.S.A.  Great idea, fantastic people.  On the right track.”

Trumps comments refer to the rich history of Portage la Prairie and the fact it was the capital of The Republic of Manitobah from 1867-68, long before Manitoba became part of Canada.  The fact Portage’s right-wing political roots go back that far and the regions preference was to become a republic like the United States puts it in high regard with the current President.

“Unbelievable, Portage la Prairie was way ahead of its time, fantastic.  If they would have stuck with it, who knows, they could have been our 51st state.  They wouldn’t have to come here for health care and jobs.”

While the majority of Portagers appreciated the attention and presidential compliments, others in Canada are concerned about Trump’s true intentions.

“Any place like Portage la Prairie.  They have Republican roots.  It’s in their DNA. Would be welcome to be part of our great republic of the United States of America.

With no current separation movement apparent in the Portage area officials in Ottawa are not too worried about the Central Plains region leaving Canada even it the concept is agreeable to the President.

“Portage is great, fabulous.  I’ve never been there but I’m sure its fantastic.  We’d be open to the Republic of Manitobah becoming a state someday.”

The invitation does not include all off Manitoba and has some stipulations.

“We’re talking the hard-working people of Portage, High Bluff, Oakville, Brandon, Winkler, Altona and Morden.  They would be proud Republicans.  We don’t want all the left-leaning Winnipeggers and their fake-news media.”

“We could make Manitobah great again.”

Thomas Spence was successful in convincing locals in joining his republic in 1867 but there is no known current leader although CIPP-TV believes a Lawrence Spence May have something to do with a new republic based on evidence from a recent documentary.  Click here to view documentary on Republic of Manitobah.


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Here is the first 7 minutes of the documentary “The Republic” based on the Republic of Manitobah.

THE REPUBLIC – first 7 minutes from william plenty on Vimeo.