Academy Names “Knee-Bob” Social Dance Move Of The Year

Portage la Prairie, MB –

A new dance move from the dance floors of Portage socials has become all the rage.

The new step started showing up at wedding and fundraising socials in late 2016 in the Central Plains region and has invaded almost every corner of the province, and some parts of Saskatchewan.

The “Knee-Bob” has swept the land and been named the Social Dance Move of the Year by the Academy of Social Music, Arts & Entertainment.

The new dance craze is used in almost all forms of music, from country to rock and hip-hop and is the go to favourite for Social goers.

The simplistic dance involves motion primarily at the knees and requires little if any movement of the feet making it ideal for rhythm challenged Manitobans.

Knee-bobbing consists of a constant up and down motion generated at the knees that doesn’t always have to follow the beat of the music.  Arms can be incorporated to the comfort of the dancer with wilder arm action being acceptable for those more outgoing or drunk.

ASMAE notes the new dance move is the first time in twelve years the “Bug Stomp” dance has been dethroned as dance of the year.

“Bug Stomping” took off in the mid 80’s and made a resurgence in the early 2000’s.  Gen Xers brought the dance back with a trend to classic rock and 80’s dance hits played at socials.

“Bug Stomping” found it’s success in the simple nature of its routine. Dancers only need to pick a spot on the dance floor in front of them, pretend there is a bug on it, and take turns stomping it with alternating feet.  Occasionally, the imaginary bug will move allowing dancers to meander about the dance floor.

Dancers are happy to have the new dance gain attention and open the dance floor to partiers of all ages and dance ability.

To celebrate the award, a social is planned in Portage la Prairie next Saturday night.  Tickets are available from the same friends who always sell you social tickets.  Approximately half the people who buy tickets will actually show up.  Funds raised will be used to hire a choreographer to work on the next big dance move.

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