Early Appearance of School Supplies Traumatizes Child – Mom Demands Compensation

Portage la Prairie, MB –

Summer holidays are supposed to be a happy, worry-free time for kids but one Portage youth’s vacation has been destroyed by careless retailing.

Sherry Skinner popped into a local big-box store for a box of freezies but she left with heart ache and pain.

Her ten-year old son, Reid, entered the store and noticed a large display of school supplies just inside the front entrance.

“It’s the middle of July,” Skinner said.  “We just kicked off summer holidays at the Portage Fair.  We weren’t expecting to have our summer ruined like this.  It’s completely irresponsible and insensitive.”

Reid had a holy freak out that included crying, screaming, punching and kicking when he saw the school supplies.

“It’s not his fault,” Skinner offered.  “My baby boy deserves a good vacation and not to be traumatized by corporate insensitivity.”

Sadly, the child was forcibly removed from the store by his mother and an elderly greeter who doubles as a bouncer.

“My baby boy didn’t have a good year at school,” Skinner explained.  “We had lots of issues with his teachers.  They weren’t sensitive and accommodating to his needs.  Reminding him of school isn’t a good thing to do.”  Reid is challenged in school by a lack of structure at home, an abundance of junk food, an unregulated bed time and unlimited access to the internet.

A growing trend among retailers is to push buying seasons earlier to grab increased market share.  This practice is now being questioned after this unfortunate incident.

“We don’t even got any money for school supplies right now anyways,” Skinner said.  “If they want to sell them they should put them somewhere my baby boy don’t see them.”

Local government authorities and others are demanding retailers not openly display school supplies until after August 15 and those selling before should place the supplies in the back of the store behind a curtain or veil so children aren’t exposed to them.

“I’m contacting the store and the various authorities to get some compensation,” Skinner said.  “Our summer was negatively impacted and we should be paid for that.”

A generous settlement package is being put together for the Skinner family to offset the burden of trying to repair Reid’s summer holidays.

“Maybe if they sent us some cash and baby boy got a bike it would help.  I can’t forget that day.  I didn’t even get my freezies.”

Notice to readers/disclaimer because some folks still think these stories are real.  They are not.  This is fiction, satire and maybe funny.

Photo: lovecatz – https://www.flickr.com/photos/lovecatz/