Woman Sells Food & Household Items To Take Baby Girl To Portage Fair Now Needs Donations To Replace Them

Portage la Prairie, MB –

Desperate times call for desperate measures.  That is exactly what Sherry Hiebert thought when this year’s Portage Fair came to town.

The single mother felt the social and cultural pressure to take her five-year-old daughter to the fair to enjoy the rides and tastes of the exhibition.  Her problem was she had no available cash to get her into the fair and no one she could ask for help.

“I didn’t have any family in town who could borrow me the money,” Hiebert said.  “All my friends and there kids were going and I didn’t want my baby girl to miss out.”

Hiebert advertised various household items online like her child’s bed, toys and bicycle and sold them along with most of her food.  Her efforts generated about $150 in cash, enough to cover gate admission, ride tickets and fair food for the family to two.

Both mom and daughter report having a great time at the fair on Saturday and were excited to end the night off with an invitation to a house party.  Although Hiebert didn’t wake up with a hangover, she did wake up to the fact she had nothing left in her house and no food to eat on Sunday morning.

Friends quickly came to her aid.  “I told Sherry I love her but I don’t have any money to borrow her right now,” neighbour Kari Smithson said.  “I don’t got any extra food either but we got my cousin Angela to go online and set up a  Go Fund Me page for her.  Then I called the media to get the word out.”

The fundraising campaign is just underway but Smithson reminds people her friend needs immediate help.  “She’s all out of everything.  The fair is over and now she’s gotta pay with no money.  People need to get off their buts and bring her some food and money now.”

Only a few hours in, the online plea has generated over $280 in support, a good start to the $10,000 goal.

“Everyone should have the chance to take their baby girl to the fair once a year,” Smithson said.  “It’s her right as a mother.  We have to realize and support her in that.  I don’t have the money right now but I know there are a lot of rich buggers in Portage who didn’t even go to the fair who could help.”

If you can help or would like to make a donation to the “Go Fund Sherry’s Trip With Her Baby Girl To The Fair” check out the Facebook page or drop off cash at Smithson’s house.  She promises to give all the money she receives to Sherry.

Notice to readers/disclaimer about the satirical and fictional nature of this story and website.

Photo: Evan – https://www.flickr.com/photos/kingdomlight/