Woman Gives Birth at Country Fest During Same Keith Urban Song Baby Was Conceived To

864175127_4098f1eb00_oDauphin, MB –

Nine months ago Ashley Meeches and John Michael MacLean were listening to Keith Urban’s “Somewhere in my car” while making love in the back of MacLean’s Ford Explorer.

Who knows if it was the sultry sound of Urban’s voice or the magic in the moonlight but Meeches became pregnant with a little boy.

Early in the new year, the couple bought tickets to Country Fest to see their favorite singer knowing Meeches first child was due around the same time.

“We were given July 7 as a due date,” Meeches said.  “I knew we’d be cutting it close by going this weekend. But I just had to see Keith in person.”

During Friday night’s Keith Urban show, Meeches’ water broke and she went into labour.  By the time Urban started performing “Somewhere in my car” the baby was crowning and before the last note of the song it was out in mom’s arms.

“There was no time to get her to the hospital or even get medics there,” John Michael MacLean said.  “I just reacted and caught the baby when it came out.  It was unreal.”

Most in the crowd were unaware of what was going on until paramedics arrived and carried new mom and baby out on a stretcher.  They are resting comfortably in Dauphin hospital.

To honour the strange coincidence the couple named the baby Keith Urban Meeches MacLean.

“I just love Keith Urban, he’s so sexy,” Meeches said.  “John Michael looks like a rural, Portage Keith Urban, that’s what attracted me to him.”

“Ashley always gets turned on and frisky when she sees or hears Keith Urban,” MacLean said.  “He’s coming out with a new album next year so I wouldn’t be surprised if we have another baby soon.”

Urban’s music has been linked to higher than average libido and fertility rates in woman who actively listen to his music but this is the first case where his voice has induced labour.

Notice to readers/disclaimer about this being satire.

Photo of Keith Urban: Snassek – https://www.flickr.com/photos/snassek/

Photo of couple with baby: Sellers Patton – https://www.flickr.com/photos/sellerspatton/