New Canola Inspired Perfume Proven to Sexually Arouse Farmers

Portage la Prairie, MB –

A scientific breakthrough is allowing local farmer Cam Olsen to cash in on the scent of canola.  He and the Fragrance Development Centre in Portage have developed a perfume that smells like canola flowers.

Packaged in bright canola yellow, the new scent is being produced and marketed for an online farmers dating website because of the science behind it.

“We discovered the scent of the canola flower contains powerful pheromones that attract drone bees,” F.D.C. Manager Betty Taylor said.  “We did further testing with the pheromone with the help of an online dating service for farmers.  What we found blew us away.  The canola pheromones attracts farmers to potential mates like bees to canola.”

The research team used prototypes of the perfume on woman wishing to date farmers in a double-blind setting and the results were overwhelming.  Only the women who smelled of canola sexually aroused farmers, while woman not wearing the perfume were rejected 99 times out of 100.

Further testing was done at local bars, curling and hockey rinks and both single and married farmers became extremely attracted to women wearing the canola scent.

“It was crazy.  Kind of gross at times,” farmer and inventor Cam Olsen said.  “Horny famers were all over these women like a steer on a fresh salt-lick.”

A popular farmer-dating site is marketing the perfume called, “Ca”, to female members with a money back guarantee.  “If they wear “Ca” on a date with any farmer and don’t get a proposal, we’ll refund them their money,” Olsen promised.

Ca is made with locally grown canola oil at the F.D.C. in Portage until the new company secures space for their own factory.

“We have inquires from shopping channels, Amazon, and John Deere and should have some deals in place soon,” Olsen said.  “The next step for us is to see if the scent will work on farmers in parts of the world where they don’t grow Canola.”

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