Crescent Lake Path Woman in Bikini Top Has No Intentions of Swimming

Portage la Prairie, MB –

Only days before the Portage Ex a woman was seen strolling on the path next to Crescent Lake wearing shorts, flip-flops and a bikini top.  Several drivers on Crescent Road pulled over to see if the woman was going to swim in Crescent Lake to seek relief from recent high temperatures.

“There are a lot of leeches in that lake and she had a lot of exposed skin so I just wanted to see what would happen if she went in,” Portager Mikey Hunt said.

“We just pulled over to make sure she’d be okay if she went in the water,” Patrick Newman offered.  “If she wasn’t able to swim my friend Jimmy would have saved her.”  Jimmy Roberts is a certified lifeguard and was willing to lend a hand if the woman needed.  He refused to take his eyes off the woman long enough to give us a comment.

CIPP-TV Channel 116 camera crews asked the woman why she was next to a lake in a bikini top with no intentions of swimming.

“I just wanted to work on my tan,” she said.  “The Portage Ex is coming up and I wanted to be ready tan wise.”  The woman wouldn’t provide her full name but refers to herself as Meghan.

More on this story as it develops.


Photo Credit: Brian Bilek :